I’m proud to have endorsements from so many different groups and leaders around our district. Here’s who they are and why they’ve done so.
The Record-Review
“For the record, we disagree with state Senate candidate Peter Harckham, our preferred candidate in the race for the 40th District, on one key point. He says the race against Republican incumbent Terrence Murphy is fundamentally about values. While that’s true, we would say it’s equally or even more about issues. In our opinion, Mr. Harckham, a Democrat, is on the right side of the issues.On Tuesday, voters in Lewisboro and Pound Ridge, which makes up portions of the 40th District, will have a clear choice between candidates with strongly diverging views on health care, gun safety and women’s reproductive rights, among other issues. In his two terms representing the district, Mr. Murphy has consistently toed the party line, putting him squarely in the middle of the Republican majority that holds the power in the state Senate. That’s fine if you agree with most the policies he supports and, bigger picture, how the chamber has been conducting its business. We don’t; and think its time for a change.”
“Mr. Murphy’s office said he was too busy to join our meeting with Mr. Harckham.”….“Mr. Harckham…is not likely to shortchange Lewisboro and Pound Ridge. Chalk that up as one more reason to vote for Peter Harckham on Tuesday.”Full endorsement
The Examiner

“Of primary importance is where the candidates stand on the most pressing issues of the day. On that front, Harckham unequivocally supports legislation in several vital areas… In an election cycle like no other, Harckham is on the right side of what is most important.”

Sierra Club

Planned Parenthood

NYS National Organization for Women

National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund: “Pete Harckham is an experienced legislator who understands that New York must be a beacon for reproductive freedom. For too long, the 40th District has been represented by an anti-choice Senator who has voted against the Reproductive Health Act in the Senate Health Committee, standing in the way of access to crucial reproductive health services, including abortion. Pete will represent the values of the Hudson Valley in Albany. The NIRH Action Fund PAC is proud to endorse Pete Harckham for State Senate.

Moms Demand Action 

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence: “Gun violence is preventable and New York State has shown that strong gun laws reduce gun deaths and injuries. We endorse Peter Harckham as he has demonstrated the willingness to stand up to the NRA and extremists in the state legislature and will work to enact state legislation that will save lives. We urge New Yorkers to vote for Peter on November 6th to help make our families and communities safer.

32BJ SEIU: “Right now, more than ever, New York State needs champions of that will fight for workers’ rights. Union members are focused on electing progressive candidates to represent working New Yorkers in Albany. In the face of unprecedented attacks on working families, we are endorsing candidates who will fight for good jobs and help more New Yorkers join and form unions.  Together we will champion legislation to protect immigrant communities, defend voting rights and access, achieve bail reform, and stand up for policies to protect the environment.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “The fight to flip the New York State Senate is one of the most important elections this year. When you cast your ballot on November 6th, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Pete Harckham in the 40th Senate district. Your vote in this race could be the difference in the fight to improve access to health care in New York State, increase funding for education for all of our schools, pass common sense gun safety, and safeguard a woman’s right to choose.”

County Executive George Latimer: “I have known and worked with Pete Harckham for nearly twenty years and during that time he has been a champion for our party and our core progressive values. He has a strong track record of accomplishment fighting discrimination and improving the lives of those less fortunate among us and he possesses an unwavering dedication to working families and the bread and butter issues that concern us all.”
To read George’s full endorsement, click here.
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Former U.S. Congressman John Hall:  “I stand with Pete because I have always known him to be a fighter for progressive values, and I believe he is the person we need to help us turn the NYS Senate blue.“Pete literally stood with me when I was being attacked by the Tea Party for supporting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare),” he added.  “Pete was on stage next to me during a contentious town hall meeting at Fox Lane High School as we defended the right to  affordable health care coverage. Pete has proven to be an effective leader on issues of environmental protection, renewable energy resources, health care, and more.”

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti: “I am pleased to stand with Pete Harckham as the Democratic Candidate for the New York State Senate and to be my state senator. Endorsing Pete may be one of the few things Governor Cuomo and I agree on this year!“I have known Pete for more than ten years, and I saw how effective he could be when he and I served together on the Westchester County Board of Legislators. An environmentalist, Pete demonstrated his concern for clean drinking water and his ability to move government in the effort to build necessary infrastructure to deal with the sewage leaks into Peach Lake.“Pete Harckham is a leader who can bring people together. He showed it as the Westchester County Legislator’s Majority Leader. He won and was re-elected in a district that had a Republican legislator before him and after he left.

“Pete Harckham is my candidate for New York State Senator. “

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef: I am happy to stand with Pete Harckham in his run for State Senate. I admired his work during his time as legislator and majority leader on the Westchester County Board of Legislators. His willingness to fight for people who may not have a voice and his commitment to stand up for what is just, regardless of political consequence, makes Pete a fearless progressive champion. 

“Pete successfully fought housing discrimination in Westchester at a time when some would have preferred to turn a blind eye, and then he helped to fund affordable housing for seniors, our local workforce and the working poor. Having that background of experience and meaningful accomplishment is so important to being an effective legislator. I am looking forward to seeing what he achieves as our next State Senator.”

Ken Jenkins and Pete HarckhamDeputy County Executive Ken Jenkins: I had the pleasure of working with Pete Harckham on the Westchester County Board of Legislators for nearly eight years. I am proud to endorse him for the New York State Senate in the 40th District. His experience as a County Legislator and Democratic Majority Leader will serve his constituents well in the Senate.

“For the four years that I was Chair of the Board and Pete was the Democratic Majority Leader we worked closely together on a daily basis. He never shied away from challenging issues, even when they were politically risky to him. As our caucus leader he never compromised our Democratic values or principles and always stressed Democratic unity.

“Together we implemented better budgets than those submitted by Astorino, fought housing discrimination, saved childcare and homes from foreclosure, advanced solar initiatives and provided funding for mandated phosphorous reduction in the NYC watershed communities.

“When the Governor asked Pete to join his Administration to roll out restored CDBG funding, Pete understood how important this funding was to Westchester communities. He brought a unique understanding of Community Development Block Grants and took to the task with extreme professionalism and engagement, as was noted by the stakeholders he worked with.

“I encourage all Democrats in the 40th District to vote for Pete Harckham for New York State Senate on September 13th.”

Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni: “As a public servant for thirty-eight years, I’ve met hundreds of elected officials. Pete Harckham is a standout. He brings a caring, intelligent and brave demeanor to everything he does. He’s exactly what we need in the State Senate. That’s why I stand with Pete.”

Westchester County Board of Legislators Majority Leader Catherine Parker: “In the last year, we’ve won major victories in the Hudson Valley. We elected George Latimer Westchester County Executive, defended his seat in blow out fashion with Shelley Mayer, flipped four seats in the Westchester County Legislature, and elected Robert Langley Putnam County Sheriff. We can build on that momentum this November by flipping the 40th State Senate District and electing a great progressive, Pete Harckham.

Electing Pete will give us the decisive vote we need to elect Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins as the Majority Leader of the State Senate next year, and flip the Republican Party’s current one vote advantage. “I had the honor of serving with Pete on the Westchester Board of Legislators and know he is progressive yet pragmatic. He co-sponsored many pieces of legislation that helped the environment and helped create jobs. He stood up for progressive values on tough fights like providing affordable child care while protecting the bottom line for taxpayers.

“Pete has proven he has what it takes to deliver positive change. That’s the kind of experience and leadership we need in Albany, which is why I’m proud to stand with Pete.”

Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia (former Majority Leader):I’m delighted to stand with Pete Harckham, a dedicated, effective, progressive public servant who I’m proud to call a friend and colleague. Together we fought to oppose both the Spectra and AIM pipelines, and worked to move Westchester County to embrace renewable energy. Let’s restore Democratic values to New York by electing Pete to the State Senate.
Westchester County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky: “I stand with Pete because Pete has fought for a clean environment, affordable child care and fixing our infrastructure. But progressive beliefs are not enough — we need elected officials who know how to get things done. Pete has worked cooperatively with government officials to build affordable housing. He quickly rose to leadership on the Westchester County Board of Legislators, where he became known for his integrity and his effectiveness. And his time working for New York State has given him the skill set to make that level of government work for our communities. I stand with Pete because Pete is the kind of leader we need to stand with us.”


Westchester County Legislator Alfreda Williams: I am delighted to stand with Peter Harckham in his race for New York State Senate in Legislative District #40.  Peter is an outstanding candidate and during his time as a Westchester County Legislator was totally committed to improving the Environment and supporting Child Care Initiatives.  The citizens in District #40 would be very fortunate to have him as New York State Senator.”

Sleepy Hollow Mayor Ken Wray: “As a Westchester County Legislator for eight years, four of those as the Democratic Majority Leader, Pete Harckham was out front on a host of progressive issues, including environmental hazards and clean water, local economic development, affordable housing, senior citizens, labor and human rights. Pete works effectively, with both sides of the aisle, to get things done and he will break the cycle of toxic politics like we now have in Albany. That’s why I stand with Pete for State Senate.”


Bedford Town Supervisor Chris Burdick“I’ve known Pete Harckham for over 10 years. A public servant of unsurpassed integrity, Pete deeply cares for the community. He is tireless and passionate to do what’s right. He listens. He is fair and patient. Then he rolls up his sleeves and gets things done that many thought were unattainable. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Pete for State Senate”


Southeast Town Councilwoman Lynne Eckardt“It’s rare to find a candidate who combines hard work, intelligence and electability but this is the essence of Peter Harckham. Peter served admirably on the Westchester Board of Legislators where he was able to pass important quality of life legislation. For his fairness, ability to listen and work ethic I enthusiastically support Peter Harckham in the September 13th Democratic Primary.”


Buchanan Village Trustee Duane Jackson“I stand with Pete Harckham because Pete has the experience necessary to assist the Village of Buchanan with our economic revitalization efforts. He is the Democrat who can beat Terrence Murphy in November. Winning this seat will not be easy, so we need a candidate with a proven record of winning in challenging elections. Pete is the only Democrat in this race who has proven time and again that he has what it takes to flip this seat blue. Please join me in standing with Pete on September 13.”

New Castle Councilman Jeremy Saland: “Both practical and progressive, Pete’s uncompromising pursuit of public service set the bar. From shepherding bills into law during his tenure on the County Board of Legislators to advocating for policies putting children, affordable housing, and the environment front and center, Pete’s Democratic leadership is undeniable. Because compromising our collective fight for responsible firearm safety, the relieving of our tax burden, the passage of the Reproductive Healthcare Act, and other important issues is not an option, we need Pete’s voice in Albany.”

Somers Councilman Richard Clinchy: “Whenever I’m deciding who to vote for, I look for several specific qualities. First, I look for a candidate who has a small ego. Second, I like people who have innovative and thoughtful ideas. Third, I look to support decent people who are in public service to sincerely help others. But many politicians have large egos, small ideas, and are first and foremost about their own careers. Peter Harckham is not one of them. Eleven years ago I met Pete when we were both first-time candidates, and immediately I sensed that here was a very good man who cared about helping people more than helping himself. Since then I have also found that Pete takes the time to be extremely knowledgeable about issues such as protection of the environment, streamlining government, advancing alternative sources of energy, protecting our rights, and helping those who need a helping hand. His ideas on these and other issues have always been thoughtful, his ego is small and his concern for others is great, and perhaps most of all, I have found him to be a very decent and honorable man. That is why I am proud to stand with Pete.”
Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams
Westchester County Legislator Benjamin Boykin, Chair
Westchester County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, Former Chair
Working Families Party: “We are proud to support Peter Harckham for State Senate. We have a long history of working with Peter on issues of great concern to the WFP. Throughout that time, Pete has consistently and tirelessly stood up for the interests of working families.”

Women Equality Party: “We enthusiastically endorse Pete Harckham for State Senate.This is a crucial moment in history for Women’s rights, both in defending against those who are trying to reverse the progress we’ve made over the last century and in advancing further reforms to ensure the fundamentals of women’s equality. Pete Harckham is the ally we need in the New York State Senate to fight this battle and we look forward to working with him to protect our rights.”

Thank you for all of your endorsements! More endorsements to come!